The SChnake Fitness mission

My Mission




To better the lives of my clients, their friends and family, their community, and the world.


My Philosophy


I believe we all have a much bigger impact on those around us and the planet than we realize. When you live a healthier life, you affect the health of your friends and family as well. In turn, they do the same for the people in their lives too. And with this ripple effect, we can impact the world.


The process starts small but builds exponentially. You can actually pay your health forward to the people in your world. You can not expect society to change on its own - you have to change yourself first, and that is my hope for you all. Because we all need a helping hand in this undertaking at times, I’ve made it my mission to help in any way that I can, by setting up a plan and encouraging you every step of the way.


How I Work


I also view myself as an educator. My job is to teach you not only a healthy mindset but also habit change, good nutrition, exercise selection and biomechanics, and proper periodization or planned phases of training. Within this journey, everything will combine to produce your desired outcome. Meaning, that synergy is really what it’s all about. You cannot have poor nutrition and expect to feel well. If you’re strong but not mobile, you can risk injury. Are you great at hitting intense workouts but your form is awful? I’m going to help keep your vision on track, and together we’ll see that consistency is going to be your X factor.


I personally want to make this world a better place by setting an example and bettering you all. One client at a time.