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Just WOW! Ben is such a knowledgeable and personable trainer. I’ve worked with a few in the past and he has more than surpassed my previous experiences! Very mindful of your personal goals and goes above and beyond to help you reach them!

- Jillian C.

I’ve been training with Ben for almost 10 years. That alone should say something about what I think about Ben! He’s worked with me to achieve and maintain a high level of fitness. He understands my strengths and weaknesses and tailors my workouts accordingly. While pushing me to do more we have fun on the journey.

- Lynette R.

Ben is simply the best trainer I have ever experienced, and I have experienced quite a few!

He knows how to combine training for flexibility/mobility, strength, and balance for overall quality of life, pretty critical to those of us who have gotten to that medicare stage of life!

Ben knows how to explain the whys of different exercises, and knows how to LISTEN! And adapt routines to attack problem areas.

Also, he is fun to be with- I look forward to his sessions with me! Quite important!

Overall, I feel twenty years younger and look better than most folks of my tender age.

If you are considering training (and for me, training has been great) and Ben has time available, he is simply the best!

- Marc B.

Ben is an outstanding personal trainer. Almost 9 years ago I started training with him hoping to get some movement back in my left shoulder which was frozen after an overuse injury 8 months previously. He tackled my shoulder right away while emphasizing overall strength training. It was so effective that I had complete mobility in about 6 months. Since then he has helped with numerous, less severe, injuries, and I am the strongest I have ever been throughout my lifetime. Even though I am now a "senior." His sense of humor and attention to detail are what make him so successful in motivating the client to be the best they can be. My husband saw the results and now has trained for 5 years with him. He is continuously taking courses and seminars to update his training methods so there is always something new to try. You should sign up for a session and see what I mean!

- Sally S., M. D. 

Ben is one of the most amazing people/trainers I know! He is dedicated, intelligent, and passionate about what he does. I cannot recommend him enough!

- Erin H.

Ben is extremely knowledgeable about the human body & how to get results without wasting time at the gym on your own. Please come into the studio & find out for yourself.

- Audra B.

I have been training with Ben for years. He started out training my son when he was 11 and needed exercises to help him with gymnastics- both strength and stretching. He was wonderful with him. so when I wanted a trainer, I went to Ben. I had bad knees and a sore lower back when I started. He designed a routine to strengthen my body and all the pain has gone away. I'm actually going to be able to start running again. I brought my 86 year old mother to see him when she was in town. He designed a routine for her. We took pictures, and she has been doing the activities daily at home.

- Marjorie L.

I've worked with dozens of trainers and coaches in the past but few care as much about their clients and the industry as much as Ben. His knowledge will surprise you and his mission to help you better your life in hope that you're able to let that positivity rub off on your family and friends is truly genuine, and it shows the moment you speak with him.

- Dalton B.

Ben never phones it in; each workout is customized for my goals and issues. He is fun and interesting to work with, and always wants to help me succeed.

- Cathleen O.

Fabulous trainer! Knows how to observe, listen, and motivate. I am still learning and being challenged even after 7 years of growth!

- Beverly B.

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